More Oil rigs in the Gulf?

BP, the color of the gulf.

how much is it worth?

The words I hear are that the gov of Lousiana is requesting changing to laws regarding drilling in the gulf. To me this is insanity. We need fuel but at what cost?


2 thoughts on “More Oil rigs in the Gulf?

  1. Included in this, is also the want of drilling in the Everglades!! I drive a Honda Ruckus scooter..105 mpg. As we suck the blood of the earth out for our convievience and frequently our frivolity, we not only damage our lands, but I compare it to an unneeded complete hysterctomy,once a large area is emptied, things have to shift to fill the void. This makes the body from whence it comes, never the same, the substructure is altered. And then we question strange sinkholes, earthquakes, oddities in nature. Humans are suffering for the damage we have done to our planet, the one that gave us life and breath.

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