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I’m new on wordpress, so it may take me a bit to get head long in,but ….. I raise and breed American Bulldogs. We breed once a year,because we do not want to add dogs in to the world that may not be wanted,when there are so many now. I have conflicts with people all the time about the fact that I breed my dogs,they are intact,when there are so many dogs that need homes in shelters .I feel that resuing is valient,but their are a series of important issues to consider first ie. your ability to handle physical,mental issues an abused dog may have. Do you have children? Willing to take a chance on a mature dog with an unknown history around your child? What’s your thoughts?



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  1. Welcome to WordPress. I too am a new blogger. I startedi on March 1 and have a commitment to myself to post every day. I think I have missed only two when supporting a friend in the days following her husband’s illness.
    I certainly would advise against rehousing a dog whose history is unknown, however gentle they may appear to be.
    Good luck in your blogging. I shall return. 🙂

  2. hello i somewhat agree w/u n the the comment above. my sister did rescue an adult female mixed pit n she turned out very loving but a blessing im sure. i just lost my male mixed coonhound this past november, very sad day, and pondered over a new pup, greyhound rescue or pound rescue. this past tuesday i chose a new life through an American Bulldog puppy. I am so in luv w/her and she is very smart and luving. i had dogs in the past but never this breed. i read up n somewhat felt a tad nervous, hope im a gr8 mom and will do my best. she is 10 wks and i am socializing her w/a mixed pit and an english bulldog my sister has. i pray i do it all right, im in my mid 50’s so have more patience than the young days, ha ha. any advice from you since you breed the AB would be very appreciative….thank U.

    • You made a good choice. My Americans are sweet and gentle(got to get through puppy stage) so be sure to keep the upper hand during the young age as they play a bit rough, learning how to be an American Bull. They are so dedicated to the family,,they would die for you. My dogs don’t see children often, but LOVE them when they do. You didn’t say if the pup was male or female. My male is super gentle with his toys,so he is safe with stuffed toys. My girls however need indestructible toy as they remove the stuffing and sometimes swallow it..which can become a very dangerous situation. …oopps I see now the pup is female. That’s fine, my girls are easy going(excluding toys) A great toy is a Jolly Ball. almost indestructible,but is not heavy and is not a hard ball,kinda strange it can be that way. Comes in different sizes. You will find she will have a great sense of you and family..super intuitive. I use my male as a service dog as I have seizures. He recognizes them BEFORE they occur, and he keeps me safe as well as bodily support. I can’t say enough about this breed. Ask me anything you want..training, feeding..anything and I will more than happy to guide you. Be alpha,not mean..just alpha..make your house rules and stick to them. Take her for walks to socialize AND to keep you in that control state. Enjoy and stay in touch!!

  3. Hello again, my name is Abbie and i am very thankful for your above response, it made me feel good that i indeed did chose a gr8 breed. i must admit some of the articles i read get me a tad nervous but i enjoy ur reading and know my Maddie n i will have a gr8 relationship. i do however have a few questions, thank u.
    a) i am of course going w/the crate training as i do work and cannot leave her unattended at this young age (11 wks), advice?
    b) feeding, im using authority puppy food right now but someone told me “taste of the wild” is better?
    c) i have a 4ft chain link fenced yrd, do i worry she may jump this as an adult?
    d) biting, playing, i softly say no n remove my hands and replace w/chew bones but she can be persistant :0……lol.

    i know i asked alot but i am very appreciative and any advice you could offer. Thank u again for your time and reading. Have a gr8 evening.

    • LunaHaze 5 years old..female
      Sounds like you are on the right track! I just started adding apple cider vinegar ,I am not thrilled with vinegar , but the health advantages are tremendous. Did not think they would like is but..so far so good.Packed full of vits and enzymes, it also is great for the coat, disease resistance, repelchocolate Isis Dream 4misha double heart6 yrssolkeeper 6 years fleas and can be used topically for hotspots,skin irritations..cancer preventative..tons of good things.

    • Hi Abbie,
      Let’s start with crate training. The kennel is the puppies home, never as punishment. . Don’t feed or water pup in the crate..it is a bedroom, not kitchen. While young..if not housebroken, there should be only the kennel tray for the pup..no blankets,towels, soft toys…if anything is absorbent and the pup pees or poops it will act like a paper towel,and the pup wipe up his mess! I know it sounds not comfortable, but always keep in mind, no matter how much you love your dog,he IS a dog. The kennel should be Mall enough only to lay in,this way the pup will quickly learn that any mess made will be all over the pup . They don’t want to be in their waste.Excluding we people missing the signs of needing to go outside, housebreaking is fairly easy. There are large kennels(wire) that comes with a divider, which is great so you get one kennel for life , and can be sized down when he is a pup. Very important is consistency, sticking to the rules, pup should be in the kennel when not supervised,meaning when you are watching..busy with dishes ,engrossed in a tv show…these are all times we are not totally aware of the puppy’s actions.I use the words “kennel up” and put the pup in the kennel, you can give a treat. Treat on for doing something…treats are rewards. All my dogs are crate trained. They use it as a house,bedroom. If you ever go to someone’s home to stay, or a hotel, bringing the kennel gives the dog a familiar place to stay…comforting. Remember you can move the kennel divider as the pup grows or is housebroken, but then there is teething, so going potty is only part of housebreaking.
      Puppies have to chew , like a child has a teething ring, and unfortunately our hands,clothing,etc can fall into the mouth. Hans our body parts should never in a dogs mouth unless you are training the pup to do so for some unique reason. We sometimes let pups mouth us when we are not aware until he breaks the skin. Any time the pup opens his mouth and needs to chew on a fairly hard toy, never forgetting the power those cute little mouth has. A sharp of NO CHEW!” or “NO BITE” .

  4. continued haha,….Never hit or spank a dog…aggression leads to aggression…just like kids they follow what they are shown most often. Doggie can think that a nasty attitude for my owners make it ok for me to get pushy with them. Your entire close circle should know the “words” you use..go pee, take a dump.Command and expect for your orders to be followed. You can’t waver your alpha state ever. It’s not anything except how they would be in a natural situation. There is always a leader, and that is you! . I could go on for hours on training…
    Food…oh by the way I just remembered your pup is a she..excuse the he’s,lol…Food is of course the fuel, the that makes your dog go,play,love..live and breathe. I think you said you are feeding Authority, not too bad, grain free I think. Watch closely if you change food do it gradually. Isis is very sensitive on her food. I do feed about 1/3 RAW ,alot of chicken hearts(very good if you need to slip a pill in. the little chambers are perfect for that.), livers,cut up chicken(like legs wings, thighs..chicken or turkey necks. Fowl bones don’t splinter unless they are cooked. I give them tripe,sweet potato ,tomato,NO GRAPES<RAISINS or of course chocolate. Blue berries,mushrooms,YOGURT ,carrots, apple cider vinegar(be sure it is apple). These foods never upset their system when prepared food frequently does. I have had digestive issues with taste of the wild. Natural Balance has worked well for us, Innova, has been good. It gets expensive to feed a big dog,but the higher priced foods tend to cut back in the volume they eat because they get the nutrition from a smaller amount of food. They want to be not hungry and healthy.Read the packaging. NO GRAINS, First ingredient should be MEAT, Carbs should come from the potatoes, fruits and veggies. Sometime I will tell you my complete dog food advice, but not now. I am about ready to go to bed.
    4ft fence is fine . How big were her parents and family. I have 6ft, .So it would probably plan on putting an extension on top of the fence.Doesn't have to be wire..maybe use wire ties(those plastic strips that feeds into itself.and locks to groves .) and attach trellis to it or something.
    Back to the biting action..you are right by replacing your flesh with a toy. The no should be sharp and add the bite word. No said by itself is confusing. Be specific on the action. My dogs will pee on command..pretty funny.If she gets playing harder than you want,you call the game and make her slow down. Try not to repeating yourself, once said that should be it. No response,then physically adjust the issue. I quick pinch on the neck,quick grab and withdraw, corrects a bad behavior . This mimics Mom or the pack leader correcting behavior by a quick bite at the neck. Crate training is not torture, it makes a lot of sense to the dog, correcting a pup in non aggressive, but alpha manner, is the way to go. WE are supposed to be the "smart" ones…be alert ,learn your pups behavior, and signals. There are great pheromones on the forehead of most mammals,including ourselves, these are the lovin' and respect area. Rub foreheads with your dog, give her massages..for her and for you. Just like with people massages are more than physical, but spiritual as well. I just feel like we are one,kinda blended during the rubbin'. Great bonding point. Signing off for now. Have a great day and BREATHE!

  5. THANK YOU KINDLY for all ur advice, i truly appreciate all of it. i notice you cap’d the word YOGURT, would i be able to mix that w/her dry food even for a PUPPY n does it have to be plain yogurt? i started mixing iams puppy food w/taste of the wild, someone just told me TOTW is too high in protein, etc for AB joints and muscles??? but yesterday n today she only ate approx a cup all day. mmmmm. also she ate, yesterday a whole chew stick, made of bull penis?, i think they said at Pet Value, said it was ok for a puppy. could this have filled her too much? i feel so helpless sometimes w/a 12 wk old pup, i want to do so right by her. she gives me so much pleasure and she is so smart and luv’ing…..

    • I am so late getting back to you..my apologies. Yes plain or vanilla is fine, regular,or greek all fine. As far as the protien level goes, the high protien thing was suggested years ago until the findings changed IF you are feeding low carbs. You will make lean muscle mass not fat weight, you will find she will eat less because the nutrition is there, not the bulk. I she develops diarrha then it is too rich.. if that happens add some quik-oatmeal (oats are high in fiber and easily digeated and yogurt with the food. any diet change affects feeding habits…but animals eat for nutrition, not as “comforT”food like we do..lol. When I feed raw they have no digestive reaction..that surprised me. . Try not tho feed high protien with a lot of carbs. Digestion is better by keeping them separate People too! How much does she way and DOB…..and you are certainly welcome to contact me anytime.

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