American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs.

American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs

When the word Bulldog is said, usually the vision of a short, stubby, flat faced, snorting dog. That breed was originally termed, English Bulldog, which later was shortened to Bulldog.

bulldogs American Bulldogs

When researching the history of Bulldogs, it is much more likely to find pictures and photos of a thick dog, with a slightly shortened snout, and longer legs. Keeping in mind, the purpose of these dogs were bull baiters, and hunters of large animals, this of course, seems a more rational size and mobility.

americanbulldogs American Bulldogs

Looking at these dogs may make one to wonder, what happened to these dogs after the English Bulldog overtook the favor of humans. In Europe, they essentially disappeared. However, in the United States, two men were bent on bringing back to popularity the original bulldog type. Thus, the American Bulldog began evolving. They two men, Johnson and Scott, were aiming for a dog of strength, versatility, and temperament. Johnson was breeding for a more muscular and thick dog to be more towards working. Scott, however, was looking for a large but more athletic dog for hunting, protection, endurance.

bulldog puppies1 American Bulldogs

The brindle and white dog is a more standard or Scott line, which is Misha Double heart. The red and white is a classic or Johnson line. He is Sol keeper. His head is larger, not only because he is male, but that indicates the classic.

american bulldogs playing1 American Bulldogs

The differences are more visible in a standing position. Misha has a super nose, perfect for hunting, longer legs and longer snout, all advantageous for hunting and endurance. Sol, on the other hand, is more bulky, short back and shorter in height. His head is massive and is built for grabbing and holding, weight pulling and protection.

mac bulldogs American Bulldogs

Mackenzie is a pup from the breeding of Sol and Misha. He is what is called a hybrid of the two lines. He is not filled out yet, but he is taller than Sol already, but he is thickening up. American Bulldogs take about two and a half years to fill out completely.

brown bulldog American Bulldogs

LunaHaze is a classic female. Very loving and gentle as is the breed in general. A beautiful girl, she is mistaken for a male, due to her denseness and large head. Luna is perfect specimen of a female classic.

bulldog American Bulldogs

Chocolate Isis Dream is extremely dense a well muscled. This female has a very short snout and can overheat if worked too hard. She is exquisite with her chocolate brindle coloration.

The American Bulldog was said to be America’s best kept secret in the dog world until the movie “Homeward Bound” hit the theaters. The story of two dogs and a cat trying to find their human family, initiated the new flow of attention for “chance” the American Bulldog. His amazing personality exhibited the wonderful traits indicative of the American Bulldog breed.

Innately protective of their family, sweet and gentle in nature, sensitive to feelings and your health, this is a breed that fills all aspects of your life (excluding a small size, if that is your wish).

bulldog show 300x225 American Bulldogs

An American Bulldog show is not like a show you see on TV. Conformation is only a part of the competition. Obedience is a major part of most events; walking off lead through distractions, weight pulling, protection events, and “Hang Time”. Hang time tests the length of time a dog can hang on a rope by sheer jaw strength. An amazing sight for anyone to see.

bulldog training 300x225 American Bulldogs

This is an event called hardest hitting. By the way, the thing the man has in his hand is rubber wrapped with tape; he hits his leg with it, not the dog. The dog is geared up by its owner, and then released to “attack” the man with the jute sleeve. The dog that hits him the hardest on the first “bite” gets the most points. His full protection suit can be seen in the photo’s foreground. This dog in this picture was the sweetest and well mannered dog I have seen in a long time.

This is a breed that fulfills the needs of many. Perfect as a service or therapy dog, or protection dog; but American Bulldogs are always your best friend.

heartandsolbullies 300x142 American Bulldogs



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