Polly came into our lives when she was about ten weeks old. When Ellen and I first met Polly it was apparent she had some health issues as she acted more like a stuffed animal than a healthy, active puppy. She always stayed wherever we put her, never bothering to change positions.

Polly weighed only 1½ pounds, so we babied her and were hopeful that our selective pampering would teach her that she could do things on her own even though we were there to help her.

As Polly got to know us and interact with us she began to walk around on her own, though slowly and only for short distances. One afternoon we scooped her up to bring her inside, and she screamed in pain. We rushed her to Dr. Eisel’s office where it was determined x-rays were necessary for a definitive diagnosis of the problem. Polly was…

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  1. Thanks for sharing Polly’s story! We hope that others who have dogs with this condition will find this blog post and realize there’s hope for their pets. Much appreciated.

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